Bürosituation in einem ehemaligen Stall


»Never waste a good crisis.«

That's a quote from the great Winston Churchill; and he was right. When times are turbulent, there is nothing to stop you from making decisions that are long overdue but that you have not yet dared to make.

As an agency with high sales expertise in live communication and at the point of sale, we currently focus on the task of preparing brand- and product-appearances for a changed market situation aiming to make them even more successful.With a high level of design competence, solid expertise in B2B communication and through our personal commitment, we constantly offer new inspirations and perspectives in times of change and market disruption.

Especially when it comes to unerringly establishing personal contact with promising new contacts, we can prove the sales success of our clients.

We act like good pilots

Clear-sighted, knowledgeable and focused on the goal, we will always find a way to succesfully implement your event, tradeshow participation or point of sale presentation.

Our Benefits: If the times are calm or uncertain – we stay on track!
We consider strategy and concept development to be the basis of all projects. We are able to react flexible to external influences or spontaneous challenges – always standing firm as a rock.

How we think: Focused on the goal and the hand at the wheel!
You can profit from our broad portfolio of clients as well. Many solutions arise through working in different markets and industries. This way we can offer our customers new perspectives and a glance beyond the horizon.

Our Know-how: Turbulent business needs reliability!
Over 20 years we successfully implement brand and product presentation for internationally active companies and institutions. This long experience makes us a reliable partner - for our customers and his budgets. Standdesign and product presentation is one of our main tasks but in no acount the only one.

Our Service: Carefree package!
We also consider marketing and sales success, develop communication measures for your project and support your sales team with two-stage staff concept. We support with teamtraining, lead management and performance review.


Two hearts beat for our passion

One heart beats for staging brands and products, the other guarantees economically successful tradeshows. Each heart beats its own rhythm. Sometimes, when our clients ask for services from both competences, they synchronize and work for the same goal.

Trade Fair Success – Guaranteed

With the help of proven instruments, we optimize the trade fair participation of our customers and support our customers in turning their trade fair appearance into a successful sales tool. We are able to demonstrate the success of our optimization methods on the basis of scientific measures of success.

We design space and time

Creating brand enviroments, communication design tailored to tradeshows or effective product presentation is our daily business. We design and develop successful, feasible and economical concepts for your brands at tradefairs, exhibitions and the point of sale.

Strategies for trade shows

We search for improvements that have an positive impact on the work flow at fairprojects. We analyze and define our customers goals and create a common base for the individual project concerning the performance review.

Brand spaces

Staging brands and products is our passion. We design and develop successful, feasible and economical concepts for your brands at tradefairs, exhibitions and the point of sale.

Marketing and sales success at trade shows

By improving the organisation of trade fair processes, we ensure that a high proportion of contacts with potential among the spontaneous visitors is addressed. The optimisation process required, starts with a target analysis and is followed by a team preparation and the introduction of our two-stage personnel concept for approaching visitors, followed by improving the lead management. We summarize the results of the process in a comprehensive documentation. The result: a significant and measurable improvement of the trade fair ROI.

Product presentation at trade fairs and retail environments

To thrill your customers is our motivation. We design effective and appealing product presentation – for fairs, events, exhibitions and the point of sale.