Affordable and fast realisability: our interactive video seminars



Our interactive video seminars support you in your team preparation and enable a quick realisation – even urgently prior to the start of the exhibition. Even small trade fair teams benefit from our low implementation costs – compared to a conventional live training. The larger the exhibition teams, the higher the budget savings.

Less downtime

There are no travel expenses for the organizers and no downtime for the participants. The employees can largely determine themselves when and where they participate in the exercises. We can shorten the time used for training and concentrate on the essentials of live trainings: Getting to know each other personally, practicing together and motivating the team for the trade show.

Individual and multilingual

The modular structure of our online trade show training allows the free choice of a multiutde of content blocks that are relevant for your company, your industry and your trade fair team. The tailor-made contents allow for an individual training focussed towards you individual trade fair objectives, personnel selection and role allocation of the trade fair team – available in English on request.

Training digital methods

In an online trade fair training, every single person is in important: On our web platform, every participant can do exercises, answer quiz questions, watch videos and leave comments. This way, digital skills are trained on the side - and not just among young employees.

Measurable results

Digital data can easily be stored and thus made measurable. During our online trade fair training course you can follow the progress of the participants at any time. Above that, the trainer is able to create an exam with certification fort he participants.


Whether you are a beginner or a trade fair professional, our online training ist he right solution for your needs. By using our modular theme videos, the right trade fair training can be put together for every team, no matter how much trade show experience your team has.




This seminar teaches your team how to handle spontaneous visitors goal-oriented and trains effective methods for successful trade fair conversations. Your employees are trained to approach booth visitors actively and openly and to conduct an efficient filtering process. It is aimed not only at new employees and »trade fair starters«, but also at all stand personnel, responsible for actively approaching and qualifying spontaneous visitors.


The expert seminar optimally prepares your entire trade fair team for their next trade fair. We offer solutions for everyone - whether you are a beginner or a trade fair professional. Our Modular theme videos enable each employee to receive trade fair training tailored to his or her »role« and personal skills. Thus, »trade fair professionals« learn new approaches to successful trade fair conversations. This is achieved by our additional expert modules »New Customer Acquisition« and »Special Topics«.

Your trade fair team will be prepared optimally to make significantly more new contacts with a high contact quality.

Your trade fair team will be prepared optimally to make significantly more new contacts with a high contact quality.

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